Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crown and Bridges can return your smile to its natural beauty. Today’s crowns and bridges are made of natural looking materials and last for many years. They are either porcelain fused to a noble metal or all porcelain. Both types of crowns and bridges give you a totally natural look because the porcelain is made to match the color of your natural teeth.


Dental Crown

Dental Crown Procedure

Crowns are caps placed onto the tooth to protect and repair it. Once they are cemented into place they cover the entire tooth above the gum line and give your tooth a natural appearance. Crowns also strengthen the tooth and last for many years. Crowns may also be used to hold a bridge into place, strengthen a tooth that has been badly damaged or if after a filling is placed there isn’t much left of the tooth, and to make a cosmetic improvement in your smile. Crowns may also be used in pediatric dentistry to help protect your child’s tooth and prevent further damage. There are many reasons Dr. Buckingham may recommend the placement of a crown.


Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

Bridges fill the gap between teeth when a tooth is missing or has been removed. Bridges return your natural bite and smile with high quality ceramic crowns mounted on noble metal, or all porcelain bridges may be used. Traditionally bridges are affixed using the teeth surrounding the gap. The teeth are prepared and then the bridge is placed over the gap and the surrounding teeth. If your teeth are extremely damaged or weak Dr. Buckingham may recommend this course to repair your smile.

Placement of Crowns and Bridges

The first steps to placement of crowns or bridges are an x-ray and the examination of the tooth or teeth involved. Your doctor will also make examine the tissues surrounding the tooth or teeth to be treated. Your doctor will then prepare the area to receive the crown or bridge. This may involve shaping the tooth or teeth. If there is significant damage or infection is present a root canal may be performed.

Next an impression is made of the tooth and surrounding tissues so that the perfect crown or bridge can be made. A temporary crown or bridge may be placed while the permanent one is manufactured. At the next visit the crown or bridge will be placed and your smile will be restored.

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