No doubt you’ve heard the terms PPO and HMO in regards to health insurance. Dental insurance also falls into these two main categories, and the plans work much the same way they do for health insurance. PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization, while HMO stands for Health Management Organization. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but if you want to have a greater say in your care and who you get your dental care from, then a PPO plan is the way to go.

What is PPO Dental Insurance?

PPO Dental Insurance uses a network of preferred providers. You are free to see any of the providers on your insurance which gives you more freedom to choose your doctor. Providers in the PPO network use a standardized set of fees (which are usually discounted) and they can tell you exactly what your service will cost so there are no surprises. You can also visit a provider who is not on the preferred list, but you may have to pay more for your services and not everything may be covered completely.

How PPO Plans Work

Most PPO plans require you to meet a deductible each year, and you will have to share the cost of treatment. This share is known as a co-payment. Depending on the service you receive your co-pay may be as low as 20 percent, or as high as 50 percent. For example, most PPO dental plans cover preventive services and pay 80 percent of the cost, but crowns and bridges may only have a 50 percent coverage leaving you to pay the balance. If you’re not sure what is covered, simply ask at the dental clinic for that information or see your PPO handbook.

Benefits of a PPO Dental Plan

Today’s PPO networks include several providers so it is easy to find a provider you like. PPO dental providers offer lower costs with greater flexibility in choices for your care. The clinic will file your claims and receive payment directly from the insurance company. This means all you have to do is pay your co-pay and not worry about the paperwork making it easy to use your PPO coverage. If you want to choose your own doctor and receive dental services at a lower rate, a PPO makes sense for you.

At Buckingham Dental we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the many dental insurance plans we accept. Call or contact us today and ask about your options for coverage and care.