intramural camera at buckingham dentalMany patients feel that their dentists keep them in the shadows regarding different dental procedures, or fail to make an extra effort in explaining the treatment in a way that is easy for them to understand. Propped on a dental chair with their mouth wide open while the dental surgeon uses a huge arsenal of instruments, the patients mostly remain entirely oblivious to whatever goes on in their oral cavity during the appointment. However, the latest in dental technology now promises to change that for good.

The Intraoral Camera is a lean device that resembles a pen connected to an LCD screen with a wire. The device has features 2-3 buttons that can be used for capturing pictures inside the mouth. These pictures can immediately be displayed on the screen allowing patients to view the inside of their oral cavity in clear, high resolution format. With the help of this smart, handheld camera, dentists can now show patients the condition of their teeth before, during and after the treatment while explaining exactly where and how they will proceed with the procedure. This has shown incredible results in decreasing anxiety levels in patients, and equipping them with the necessary knowledge of the dental procedures being performed in their mouth.

The intraoral camera doesn’t only take high quality pictures – it can also be used to create a real-time video for the patients to help them understand which tooth require what procedure. The device is very simple to use, easy to clean and maintain, convenient in handling, and offer a number of benefits for the patient as well as the dental surgeon. Dentists can study the pictures taken using the intraoral camera for better treatment planning, and for diagnostic purposes as well.

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