IV Sedation

Do you feel fear and anxiety about visiting the dentist and oral surgeon? If you do you’re not alone. Many people feel nervous and anxious when faced with a trip to the dentist. But today there is no need to suffer. IV sedation is administered into the vein of your arm and helps you feel much less nervous and helps you to relax. It is one of the best methods your doctor has to help you get through your visits without pain, fear, or anxiety. IV sedation can be used in several procedures ranging from simple teeth cleaning to oral surgery.

IV sedation differs quite a bit from general anesthesia. General anesthesia puts you completely out and you are not conscious or aware of your surroundings. It is used in invasive surgical procedures and for people who experience a great deal of anxiety. Once the surgery is completed it takes a few hours to recover from this type of anesthesia.

IV sedation only puts you into what is known as a “twilight” sleep. You are conscious, but very relaxed and pain free. You are aware of your surroundings, but experience no anxiety and feel very at ease. Your doctor can adjust the level of sedation through the IV from very light sedation to a deeper sedation. IV sedation is also much quicker to recover from as opposed to general anesthesia. You will be ready to carry on your normal routine in just a matter of minutes as opposed to hours.

Dr. Burden, who handles all our dental IV Conscious Sedation, will consult with you about the level of sedation he feels is best for you. With today’s options, there is no need to dread a trip to the dentist. With IV sedation you can be relaxed and comfortable as the doctor performs the procedures you need.Call or contact Buckingham Dental today and ask about IV sedation.