Periodontal Cleaning

Periodontal Cleaning

Stages of Periodontal Disease

Did you know we offer Periodontal Cleaning at Buckingham Dental? Periodontal disease includes gingivitis and other conditions that if left untreated can lead to damage of your teeth, loss of gum tissue, and in severe cases loss of jaw bone tissue. It can cause the gums to recede and loosen your teeth making them become unstable. During an exam your dentist may recommend you undergo periodontal scaling and root planing. These procedures may also be referred to as deep cleaning.

Periodontal scaling and root planing is used to treat gum disease and remove tartar and plaque under the gum line and around the roots of your teeth. While brushing and flossing are effective at removing surface plaque and food debris, and regular dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar on the teeth and below the gum line, periodontal scaling and root planing goes deep under the gums and reaches down to the roots of your teeth. It removes the hard mineral deposits and can help prevent further damage caused by gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Before Dr. Buckingham performs this procedure he will administer a local anesthetic to numb your gums and the root area of your mouth. If the amount of tartar and plaque buildup is severe he may use an ultrasonic tool to vibrate the mineral deposits (tartar) off the roots and surface area of your teeth. Once your teeth and gums are clean he may place antibiotic fibers between your teeth to help prevent infection and speed healing.

If you have swollen and tender gums or you suspect you have hard mineral tartar buildup below the gum line ask Dr. Buckingham about periodontal scaling and root planing. This procedure can help remove plaque and tartar from the roots of your teeth and help prevent any further damage from gingivitis or periodontal disease. About one week later Dr. Buckingham will examine your teeth and gums to make sure they are healed and healthy.

Call or contact our office today if you have any questions about periodontal screening and root planing. At Buckingham Dental we take your entire family’s oral health seriously and want you to have the best smile possible. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.