The Invisalign aligners are completely different from regular metal braces, and these differences go much deeper than their appearance. Many people are so used to the very idea of braces that they doubt the efficiency of the Invisalign system as a whole. However, the truth is that these aligners are not only more visually appealing. They are also more effective and much less painful to use.

How Invisalign Aligners Move Teeth

These transparent plastic aligners can be as effective in forcing your teeth to move as metal braces. Their secret is in the fit of the piece over your teeth. Here is how this treatment works:

  • You are provided with ‘ill-fitting’ aligners.
    The aligners you are given aren’t fitted to your teeth. Instead, they are designed in the shape your teeth must fit by the end of the second week of treatment.
    At this point, you will be provided with a new set of aligners.
  • Every aligner change is a step in the treatment.
    With Invisalign, you get your treatment plan updated every two weeks as the new aligners move your teeth a little bit more in the necessary direction. Every stage is unique and equally important for the final result. Therefore, it’s imperative not to miss your appointments.
  • Each aligner repositions a specific tooth/teeth.
    Every aligner is unique in shape, and its fit is perfect in some places and ‘not right’ in others. This is done to move your teeth sector by sector as this will produce a better result for the overall treatment. Your dentist will develop a unique realignment plan based on your personal requirements, and it might be adjusted at any stage of the treatment.
  • Every aligner moves your teeth just a little.
    Due to the unique system of Invisalign, the treatment can realign teeth gradually, making them fit the perfect shape bit by bit. This is less stressful for the patient and combined with the fact that the aligners aren’t mounted onto your teeth like metal braces, the overall procedure is less painful.

Wearing invisible aligners 20-22 hours a day will exert enough pressure on the ‘targeted’ teeth to move into the necessary position. Several replacements will provide you with the desired result of a perfect smile.

The Invisalign system from Buckingham Dental will make your journey to this goal a pleasant one as these aligners are completely invisible and don’t prevent you from eating anything. So, you can enjoy living your life to the fullest, maintain proper oral hygiene (aligners are removable), and see your smile grow more beautiful every day.