COVID-19 Precautions

Update March, 17, 2020: 

From Buckingham Dental. Hey everyone!  All of us at Buckingham Dental have decided to help contain the spread of COVID-19 by engaging in social distancing. This means we will only be seeing patients for emergencies or dental pain. I want to be a resource for all of you as this whole thing unfolds, so I will be forwarding all calls to our office to my cell phone.  I plan on accepting all calls and heading to the office as soon as possible if I feel like you should be seen. The American Dental Association  has released a statement expecting this to last for 3 weeks, but as this whole thing evolves that could be shortened or lengthened.  We will work closely with our friends in other health care professions to help contain the spread of this virus, and we look forward to seeing you for elective dental care as soon as this whole thing blows over.   

Stay Safe Out There!   

Dr. Buckingham and Team 512-527-3294,

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